Why to work with ACTIVA8® 

Strategic Partnership:
Our flexibility accommodates to your priorities, schedule and calendar whenever it is needed. ACTIVA8® personnel work side by side with you and become effective strategic partners in your project development.

We are willing to collaborate with you for the success of your project.

ACTIVA8® works under ICH ,(International Conference on Harmonization) guidelines /GCP (Good Clinical Practices) compliance quality.

ACTIVA8® has its own standard operating procedures (SOP's) for all clinical operations for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices. We can also work under your own company's SOP's, according to your requirements and needs.

Our personnel receive constant updated training in clinical trial procedures.

Experience and Knowledge:
We have in-depth knowledge of the Latin American region's regulatory processes and management for local and global clinical trials.
ACTIVA8® personnel offers you  more than 15 years of expertise in the management of a large number of global clinical studies performed in Latin America.

ACTIVA8® has alliances with expert clinical research professionals across the Latin American region to help you with your clinical trials.

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